Ursala von Rydingsvard

Since watching the ecology episode of art:21, I’ve been thinking about these beautiful (and enormous) sculptures by Ursula von Rydingsvard. They take my breath away and are definitely an inspiration for my 2-D prints that I am making for my Senior Exhibition.

Weeping Plates
Left 12’2″ x 9’6″ x 6.5″
Right 10’8″ x 8’5″ x 8″

Can’t Eat Black
Cedar, Bondo
4’8″ x 18′ x 17’8″


Five Lace Medallions

Cedar, Graphite, Chalk
9’8.5″ x 41’9″ x 9.5′


Simple Shoes

I have a wonderful pair of Simple boots, made of hemp with bamboo buttons and a sole made of recycled car tires, but I’ve totally worn them to death. I will continue to wear them until they just fall off my feet, but I now have my eye on these new shoes from Simple all of which use sustainable and renewable resources.

{Top-Left: PesTOE Top-Right: Women’s D-tach
Bottom-Left: parLAY Bottom-Left: Women’s TOEst}

DIY Wine Clips

It’s do-it-yourself Saturday! I found this adorable DIY wine clip idea from Design*Sponge and I think they would be perfect for the our second Wine and Cheese Party in February. I am going to make my own little switch and use buttons instead of the earrings.

{diy project: kate’s vintage wine clips}
Here’s my twist on this really easy project.

Dream Kitchens

What a great Friday afternoon!
Matt is in the kitchen baking bread and our house smells wonderful. We’ve been using our kitchen more and more recently but its so tiny we can’t both be in there at the same time without bumping elbows or hitting each other in the head with a cabinet door.
So its got me thinking about our “future” kitchen. A mix of rustic, color and light. Here are some cute kitchens I found on Design*Sponge that match my aesthetic.

{Charley Wheelock} I love the earthy feeling of this one. Oh the shelf space! This kitchen look like it has made a lot of delicious meals. I like that.

{Eleanor Grosch} I am in love with the light and energy of this kitchen. Not to mention it’s size. The cute little accessories make the room really cozy.

{Amy Adams} This one is my favorite by far. The plants, the low window light, the hanging lights and of course the walls are yellow. Our kitchen (and our entire rented house) is yellow. I hated it at first but it grows on you, believe me.

Rethink Ink

I love these cards from Rethink Ink Design. I ran into the owner and designer Jodi at Art in the Park and bought some of her cards for our Wine and Cheese Party. 

Her designs are beautiful, she’s local and best of all these cards are GREEN! Printed on 100% post-consumer waste (PCW) recycled papers and envelopes, the laser printer uses solid ink, a revolutionary technology that creates 90% less waste than a typical color laser. 


Yum Yum!

So my boyfriend, Matt and I have been actively involved with our food in an effort to be both sustainable and healthy. Occasionally, I will bring you our delicious creations and maybe a recipe or two to bring to your own kitchen.

For recipes and more visit Matt’s Blog, Green Grub. Instead of updating our statuses with what we had for dinner we thought a blog would work better.
{Left: Risotto with Sun-dried Tomatoes Top: Drunken-Pasta  Middle: Pecan-crusted Eggplant  Bottom: Roasted Aioli Potatoes}

Hello… I’m Amanda

Starting a blog is awkward.

So I guess you just have to start writing and then that weird feeling goes away. After you have officially started the blog you have to have something to say. It should be something worth saying, but that is all in the mind of the sayer.

I believe I have a couple things to share.

1.  My love of art and design. Sharing the beautiful things I see everyday. Spreading beauty is always a worthy cause.

2. The adventures I have as I work to living a greener, healthier and more connected way of life.

3. Transitioning from a Small Central Wisconsin College Town to a Metropolitan City and life after college.

4. Random happenings and thoughts of life.

That seems like enough doesn’t it.

Well I believe a bit of an introduction is in order. I’m Amanda Brown, sometimes called Brownie, Brown Bear or Moonda by my friends. I’m an Two-Dimensional BFA Art and Arts Management Major and the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point. After I graduate in May, my plans are to do a Fall internship in London and then move to my new, yet-to-be-determined, city (Seattle or New York top the list).  I try to make every day an adventure.


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