2 Years Out + 1 Ball Down: What I Learned from Testicular Cancer

"2 Years Out + 1 Ball Down: What I Learned from Testicular Cancer" by Matt Sachs

Is there 1 testicle in this picture or 2?


Hi! This is Matt, Amanda’s husband. For Movember, she invited me to her blog to share my experience with testicular cancer. Two years ago, a tiny lump on my testicle changed my life. I always had a cordial and generally playful relationship with my right teste (henceforth referred to as Righty for the remainder of this blog post [RIP Righty 1988–2015]), and despite my extensive/expensive education and career in healthcare (I work as a physical therapist in a hospital), I never performed self-checks. For such a seemingly consequential life event, I don’t actually remember any initial earth-shattering discovery of the pea-sized lump on Righty. What eventually led me to actually get a professional’s eyes on my balls was that it was such a dense firmness and that it seemed to be popping up right out of Righty’s head.

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Monthly Art Challenge / August

Everyone always thinks of January for new beginnings but even a few years out of school I still think of August. That’s why I wanted my August challenge to be something really good. Since moving to New York, I’ve been working mostly in watercolor and pen and ink. This month, the challenge was to change that… for good.

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Monthly Art Challenge / July

I had high hopes for this challenge, I saw myself taking trips up to Bear Mountain and painting or sketching on Rockaway Beach. As usual, though reality didn’t live up to expectations and there were no nice little jaunts into nature.

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June / July Sketchbook Recap

June and July were hectic months for me kicking off with marrying my favorite person ever and longtime (and I mean loooooong time) boyfriend, Matt. I can see a little bit of that chaos slip into my work here and there. Usually, I can pick out some sort of theme or pattern but these sketchbooks feel pretty disconnected to me. But as far as inspiration goes each of these pages serviced a launching point for…

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April / May Sketchbook Recap

Spring has exploded over NYC with reckless abandon and I’m still chugging along with wedding planning. Just a few more days! Still, artists gotta art. These sketchbooks all appear to have one major thing in common… BLUE!

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Hiking Shoes On!

The mountains of Colorado are calling and I must go. Check out a collection of photos and sketches from my most recent trip to the Mile High State…

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Monthly Art Challenge / April

This was BY FAR the toughest art challenge yet. From the moment I set out to make these challenges, this was the one that scared me the most but it was also the one I felt I needed the most. Before I go on to tell you how colossally I failed this challenge, I think it’s important to share why I felt I needed to do it in the first place.

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