January / February Sketchbook Recap

Pink Watercolor Sketchbook by Amanda Michele Art

“I think that as long as you still have questions, the child questions, the muse has got to be there. You throw a question up to the muse and maybe they drop something back on you.”
— Joni Mitchell

The first 2 months of 2018 have flown by and honestly isn’t that always the case with January and February. Even though the start of the year feels really brief, I love the feeling of potential and the motivation that comes with the changing calendar. I attacked my work with gusto and found that my motivation led to inspiration. I mean just look at these sketchbooks!! Needless to say, I’m very excited to see what the rest of 2018 holds for me.

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Books for Artmaking / Part II

I always fail to think of the right words to describe feelings or experiences especially when it comes to artmaking. These books offer some amazing advice and insight into how to live a creative and artistically fulfilling life and I highly recommend them.

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Monthly Art Challenge / December

I had big dreams for the month’s challenge. I was going to do some research on other artists, look at their color usage, mimic their forms and integrate their work with mine somehow. It was going to be oh so educational. Fate had other plans, per usual.

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November / December Sketchbook Recap

November and December were two of the busiest and emotionally stressful months of my life. Still, I managed to show up with a paint brush in hand, ready and willing to create. This is how I know artmaking is how I need to spend my life. It’s inevitable.

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Monthly Art Challenge / November

Of course, I would pick the busiest month of my life to challenge myself to create A LOT of work. Typical. In spite of the time challenge, I feel like I managed to do pretty well. Not all the pieces were winners but I created so much I had to push my boundaries a bit to prevent things from getting repetitive.

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2018 Calendars

It’s that time of year again! 2018 calendars are now available!! These wall calendars are perfect for any home or office and since the whole year is viewable at-a-glance you don’t have to remember to change the page each month (who’s got time for that?!).

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August / October Sketchbook Recap

This recap is a little different because its the bread on a travel sandwich. I spent September traveling with my sketchbooks so that earned its own solo recap but August and September deserved something too so I just thought I would share them together.

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Monthly Art Challenge / October

Fresh off my month-long adventure, I was eager to get back to my work in the studio. I was ready to dive in and make all the things having filled my sketchbooks full of inspiration but I looked at the challenges I assigned for myself this year and October was something I did not expect. Go slow. What was January me thinking?!

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The Handmade Pop-up / Holiday 2017

It’s day #1 over at the Handmade Pop-up and I’m so excited to have 5 works available for sale. It’s always a pleasure to do this online-only event with Maker’s Movement and CYL Collective because they always know how to curate the very best makers.

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